Spring has Sprung!

As a chiropractor living in Columbia, MO,  I think getting outdoors is one of the best parts of Spring. Gardening, walking the dogs, running (something I love), parks, and whatever else your heart desires. Unfortunately, warmer weather also means more aches and pains because we tend to “over-do” it before we’re ready. Bending, lifting, digging, planting, twisting, and a whole host of other movements that can put us in a world of hurt!

So this Spring, make it a point to “ease” into your activities. Instead of digging 40 holes for bulbs or walking 4 miles through Rock Bridge State Park, start easy. Dig a few holes or walk around your neighborhood and get into some “Spring Shape” before you light the world on fire and really get after it! Trust me, your body will be happy you did, and then once it gets even nicer, you can go out with confidence and have tons of fun!

(By the way, I practice what I preach!  My first runs in March are 20 minutes long at the most.  By the end of August, I’ll be going out for 3 hour runs in preparation for the marathon I’m training for.  If I went that long in March, I’d probably be hospitalized! )