Amanda | HFC Success Stories

Amanda suffered from several migraines per week before seeing Dr. Hanft.

But after seeing him on a regular basis, her migraines are all but gone. Amanda definitely considers this a success, and is so glad a family member recommended Dr. Hanft. In addition to pain reduction, Amanda also enjoys the warm, welcoming feeling of Hanft Family Chiropractic. Each time she walks in, she feels comfortable and confident that she will find treatment.

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Cade | HFC Success Stories

Cade rarely made time to go to a chiropractor.

He only went when his pain was too much to handle. Finally, he started seeing Dr. Hanft on a regular basis, and his life changed for the better. Now, his pain is manageable and he comes less and less often. For Cade, what sets Dr. Hanft apart is his punctuality. As a small business owner, Cade values his time, and it’s important to him that he doesn’t waste it. At Hanft Family Chiropractic, Cade is always seen on time, so he can move on to the rest of his daily activities quickly.

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Rayma | HFC Success Stories

Before coming to Hanft Family Chiropractic, Rayma couldn’t walk without her cane.

Her condition forced her to retire from teaching, something she loved and had done for over 40 years. That all changed after seeing Dr. Hanft. By working with Dr. Hanft over the past two years, Rayma now walks around quickly and nimbly, and hasn’t had to use her cane in over a year. Rayma appreciates the fact that Dr. Hanft listens to her and makes recommendations based on her body–not anything else. For Rayma, one of the major benefits of going to Dr. Hanft is that there’s never any obligation to make a long-term or even short-term commitment. It’s all about how you feel.

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Feeling hot, hot, hot!

As a chiropractor living in Columbia, MO, it’s safe to say I know what HOT is!  But what does that heat really do and why can it be dangerous?  I recently wrote a newsletter article detailing some facts regarding heat related illness, and thought I’d share it for everyone.

We all knew it was coming.  Temperatures climbing and reaching the “danger zone” where it become ever difficult for our bodies to cool themselves.  We humans have a wonderful ability to sweat.  This process, where our body moves fluids to the surface of our skin to help cool us, is really quite amazing. Most of us can stay cool and healthy in even extremely high temperatures where other animals would suffer greatly.  This process of sweating is complex, but ultimately it relies on several factors including hydration, heart health, and circulation.  If a person has problems with any of these factors, or any others involved in proper cooling of the body, then they need to be particularly careful when being outside in high heat temperatures.

As defined and taught by the American Red Cross, heat related illnesses is generally divided into three groups of seriousness: 1) Heat Cramps   2) Heat Exhaustion  3) Heat Stroke

1)  Heat cramps are cramps that occur as a result of excessive water loss. These are generally the first stage of heat related illness. Athletes are often prone to these as they are often training/performing in high heat and at high levels of physical fitness, but anyone can experience these.

2)  Heat exhaustion is the next phase of heat related illness where a person feels hot, has excessive sweating, and can feel fatigue or dizziness.  This phase is usually due to sweat/water loss.  Although not generally a serious condition, it can become so at any moment so monitoring is important.

3)  Heat Stroke is next and is much more serious.  Heat stroke is where the body is so hot it begins to lose the ability to cool itself.  While heat exhaustion can be serious, heat stroke  is ALWAYS serious and if left untreated, will almost certainly lead to death or permanent disability.  Symptoms include dizziness, confusion, headaches and chills to name a few.  This condition requires immediate medical intervention.

No matter your fitness level, body type, or the conditions, it is important to respect mother nature and those hot temperatures by preparing properly and listening to your body.  If you feel really hot, then take the time to sit down and rest.  Find some shade, drink lots of fluids, and relax.  Summer is a wonderful time of year so get out and enjoy it….but be respectful of the elements and be proactive in taking care of yourself!

Spring has Sprung!

As a chiropractor living in Columbia, MO,  I think getting outdoors is one of the best parts of Spring. Gardening, walking the dogs, running (something I love), parks, and whatever else your heart desires. Unfortunately, warmer weather also means more aches and pains because we tend to “over-do” it before we’re ready. Bending, lifting, digging, planting, twisting, and a whole host of other movements that can put us in a world of hurt!

So this Spring, make it a point to “ease” into your activities. Instead of digging 40 holes for bulbs or walking 4 miles through Rock Bridge State Park, start easy. Dig a few holes or walk around your neighborhood and get into some “Spring Shape” before you light the world on fire and really get after it! Trust me, your body will be happy you did, and then once it gets even nicer, you can go out with confidence and have tons of fun!

(By the way, I practice what I preach!  My first runs in March are 20 minutes long at the most.  By the end of August, I’ll be going out for 3 hour runs in preparation for the marathon I’m training for.  If I went that long in March, I’d probably be hospitalized! )

I love my job!

Helping people has to be up there for “most loved jobs” and mine is no exception.  Sure I see people who are hurting…headaches, back pain, disc herniations….but the prospect of helping them is awesome and I love being a part of that.  Just this week I’ve helped people with conditions ranging from leg numbness (from a car accident) to muscle spasms in the upper back to headaches that sometimes are migraine-level intense.  I take great pride in knowing that patients leave my office feeling better immediately.