Dr. Jason Hanft and his family.

Dr. Jason Hanft and his family.

Get relief.

Hanft Family Chiropractic in Columbia, Missouri strives to deliver positive experiences for everyone who steps in our door. You should expect results and zero waiting in your chiropractic experience. Lucky for you, you’ve landed in one of the few places that excels in both of these areas.

At Hanft Family Chiropractic, you will not wait for scheduled appointments. The care you receive will be personalized. You’ll never hear Dr. Hanft say “3 times per week for 4 weeks” or something similar. And each patient receives individualized care based on their condition. These are all promises we make to each of our patients. Give us a call at 573-875-4673 to schedule a consultation!


Welcome to Hanft Family Chiropractic!

I’ll be honest with you. Our office is different.

Very different, in fact! We value your time the way you value your time. We don't make patients wait for scheduled appointments. I know that’s the way it ought to be everywhere we go today, but think to yourself: Are most businesses able to make that claim? My experiences usually lead me to answer “NO.” That’s why one of my mission statements in starting Hanft Family Chiropractic was to not make patients wait for scheduled appointments.

If you have a 5pm appointment, you’ll be SEEN by 5pm (or sometimes sooner if you’re early). We do not overbook appointments like many offices and businesses. This is how we stay on-time, all the time. Our promise of on-time appointments is one you can count on every time you visit our office. If you know anyone who’s already a patient, ask them too!